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Water Sports


Everyone’s raving about

Stand up Paddle Boarding!



Stand up Paddle Boarding

is an activity where we stand

on a large surfboard and paddle,

unlike the regular kind of



Here are 5 compelling reasons

that reveal why Stand up Paddling

is the new cool.

1. It’s Absolute Fun!

Stand up paddling is meant for anyone who loves to have fun being on water. This is exactly why it has become one of most favored activities almost everywhere.

2. Meant for Everyone:

Stand up Paddle boarding is meant for people of all ages and anyone could master it in no time. Stand up paddling is comparatively much easier to do on still water rather than surfing on waves.

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3. Fitness:

Stand up Paddling is a great exercise and gives humongous health and fitness benefits. It strengthens your core muscles, abs, legs, your back muscles and shoulders as well, thus accounting for improved strength and endurance.

4. Socialize:

Stand up Paddle boarding is a great activity to be done together with family and friends. It’s more endearing when you do it in groups as you chat and paddle all the way through.

5. Get Close to Nature:

What better than enjoying the sights and pure bliss of nature? As you paddle, you could witness some of the best views of creatures running under water, the beautiful sunrise/sunset and even other breathtaking moments. It also instils a sense of peace and freedom like no other.

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