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Selimiye I Marmaris I Türkiye

Updated: Jul 21

Selimiye is located in the Bozburun peninsula on the south-west coast of Turkey.

Selimiye N 36°42.503' E 28°05.648' is a seaside town that was little known for a long time and therefore still has not been built and its population has not become crowded.

Selimiye Marmaris Muğla , Turkish Riviera Bays

Locals have been sailors for a long time, so they have the knowledge to understand all your boat's needs.

In summer, Selimiye bays and pier are naturally crowded.

Selimiye is also a winter shelter for boat owners due to its calmness and natural protection during the winter months.

Selimiye is a frequented place for families and groups who know mostly sea tourism and rent a boat.

It takes 1 hour to reach Marmaris by road from Selimiye. But you won't need much to go there.

Bozburun is about 20 minutes. There are boat maintenance and manufacturing shipyards. In winter, you can land your boat here if you want.

Sığliman Selimiye Marmaris , Turkish Riviera

There are bays to visit and stay in alarga.

If you want to stay in a hotel on land, not just on the boat, there are boutique hotels that offer quality service. The town's bazaar is very small, but you will be able to eat fresh fish dishes in restaurants with competent chefs.

Selimiye has a bazaar where you can find your basic needs such as markets, pharmacies and boutiques. Waters are always clear and calm, you will enjoy swimming

The air is breezy even in summer, so the weather will not overwhelm you.

Selimiye Marmaris Muğla Turkish Riviera
The most well-known place in Selimiye, where both land and sea transportation is comfortable, is Sığliman Bay N 36°43.543' E 28°05.548' the sea floor is sandy, it is very crowded in summer months, but still, since Selimiye is far from Marmaris, people who know this location come here.
Sığliman Selimiye Marmaris , Turkish Riviera

Near Sığliman, there are Cennet Bay and Goat Shepherd Bay, which can also be accessed by a road from the land.

The bottom is rocky and pebbled as we like it and the water is very clear.

Kameriye island N 36°43.741' E 28°03.761' is one of the islands of Hisarönü Bay, close to Selimiye. Although it is a bay on the northwest side, it is open to the wind.
Kameriye Adası , Kameriye Island , Selimiye , Marmaris Koyları , Turkish Riviera

In summer, a day's stay may be appropriate.

In the south, the splendor of the Turkish mainland will be right before your eyes. It is the first island on the way to the west from Hisarönü Bay.

Big Island N 36°43.180' E 28°01.886' is located a little further to the west, you will not find a very sheltered place on this island.
Koca Ada Big Island Selimiye Marmaris Turkish Riviera Bays

The strait between the mainland and the mainland is windy, the northern and western parts are also open, but again in summer, tour boats and charter boats anchor in the eastern part for daily accommodation.

It is a complete resting area as it is secluded and quiet.

You can see the bottom in the clear sea and swim with the fish

Dirsek Bükü Bay N 36°41.020' E 27°58.755' is the last sheltered bay in the southwest of Hisarönü Bay. This place is boot-shaped with a west-turning indentation
Dirsek Bükü Bay Dirsek Bükü Koyu Selimiye Marmaris Turkish Riviera Bays

It is a sheltered bay in all weathers. The bottom is completely sand. Despite its distance, it is very popular and is one of the most popular destinations for both private and charter boats. It is visited a lot by boats because of its water, cleanliness and sheltered sea.

This place is very sheltered and beautiful. There is a facility at the end of the bay.

There is a dock in front of the property. 14 yachts can dock on the other side by taking a vault. Again, the facility has vaults near the dock. Especially if the vaults on the south side will be used, it would be beneficial to take a seat from the land again, considering the downpours and the narrow space. You can reach the restaurant overlooking the bay, next to a stone bakery on the quay. The image is perfect.

Sheep bottom structure, maquis slopes and refreshing air have made this place a very preferred place.

You can truly relax in this bay where the sea is cool.

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