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Mykonos I Greece

Updated: Jul 21

A Greek island in the glittering Aegean Sea, Mykonos is a vibrant and friendly location that has firmly established itself as one of the world’s most popular holiday destinations with sun-bleached beaches, fine dining, and excellent shopping.


Travel Highlights

You’ll discover Mykonos where the ancient sits side by side with the modern. Quaint, whitewashed buildings house everything from handmade trinkets to designer clothing, and you’ll find traditional tavernas as well as fine-dining restaurants.

You can fly to Mykonos at any time of year but if you want to avoid the crowds it’s better to go between September and October.

Mykonos’ main attractions are the beaches. While you’ll find plenty to choose from, it’s worth scouting out the best. The most popular and coveted beach in the island is the idyllic Psarou Beach, fully equipped and offering full facilities, water activities and dining options to locals and tourists from around the world. Platys Gialos Beach has everything one could need: seclusion, sand, sea, and some excellent restaurants. The shallow bay also makes it a popular departure point for boat trips to the other surrounding islands. Paraga Beach is very family-friendly, with plenty of water sports on offer and activities for younger visitors.

If you’re visiting Mykonos with an aim to learn a little about its history, as well as topping up your tan, the island of Delos is a short boat trip away. This is where you’ll encounter the remarkably well-preserved Doric temples, markets, streets, and an amphitheatre. Legend has it that this is the birthplace of the Greek god Apollo; thus,the island held a deep religious significance for the Ancient Greeks. It’s also the home to the Terrace of the Lions. Built around 600 BC, these stone lions face east towards the Sacred Lake, which they are thought to guard according to legend.

If soaking up the sunshine isn’t quite enough for you, you’ll find plenty of other leisure activities on offer. Perhaps one of the best ways to really experience the island is on a horse-riding expedition. There are stables dotted across Mykonos, with trails for riders at all levels of experience. Whether you’re cantering across a beach, trotting down a valley, or making your way up a mountain, seeing the scenery from horseback will help to make your trip to Mykonos a memorable one. However, it’s virtually impossible to visit Mykonos and not be tempted by the water sports. You’ll find kayaks, canoes, jet-skis, paragliding and water-skiing available on most beaches.

Eating is an important part of the Greek way of life, and the locals take great pride in their traditional cuisine, which is very healthy, featuring lots of olive oil, fruit, and vegetables. However, it’s far from boring: be sure to try authentic moussaka; a baked dish of beef seasoned with a variety of spices and topped with roasted aubergines and béchamel sauce. You’ll also find plenty of fresh seafood on offer. For the best restaurants, head towards Hóra, where you’ll find cuisine to suit all tastes.

Cyclades is where the shopping is at it its best, and if you’re determined to pick up a few bargains on your visit to Mykonos, this is the place to go. The shops in Cyclades line the streets, one next to the other, and you will find yourself wandering out of a boutique store selling leather goods and into a high-end designer clothing shop. In addition to the hundreds of clothes and souvenir shops, you’ll also find bookshops, electronics suppliers, and music stores. Meanwhile, art lovers will also find a haven in Mykonos, which is home to several contemporary art galleries showcasing works by local and international artists alike.

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