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Gocek Bays I Turkey I Chapter 2

Updated: Jul 21

Enjoy a morning swim in the clear waters of Gobun Bay. The entrance of Gobun, which is an impressive bay supported by pine forest and olive groves and the most sheltered of Gocek bays, is narrow, so neither wind nor waves can visit this bay.

Very sheltered mooring area; it can get pretty busy in high season, but the well organized pier with plenty of mooring options has mooring space for up to 40 yachts. Going towards the back of the bay, rock tombs carved into the hillside and Roman ruins come to the fore. If you feel energetic, you can reach a few households on the upper part of the island with a short walk from the rocky road. There is also the opportunity to see and worship the mosque in the village from the inside.

Tekne Tatili - Turkey Yacht Charter - Gobun Bay - Gocek Bays - Turkey Holiday Destinations  - Turkish Riviera

The geographical structure of Gobun Bay, where historical ruins appear in the deep blue waters, resembles tropical regions rather than the Mediterranean geography. Thanks to this, Gobun Bay, which has a magnificent climate, continues to fascinate its visitors in the summer months.

The restaurant, which also offers very good food, is highly recommended, especially for fresh fish and seafood. You can taste local delicacies. The bay is suitable and sheltered for overnight stay. You can approach the pier of the restaurant without anchoring thanks to the vault system.

Tekne Tatili - Turkey Yacht Charter - Merdivenli Bay - Gocek Bays - Turkey Holiday Destinations - Turkish Riviera

Merdivenli Bay takes its name from the stairs on the beach, which are thought to be historical. Right at the entrance of the bay, there is a narrow valley consisting of two sides surrounded by olive trees. By following the path starting from the valley entrance, you can reach the small village on the hill, and you can buy various local and handmade products produced by the villagers living here. Climbing the hill and watching the unique view is the best activity to do in Merdivenli Bay.

With a small anchorage area for blue cruise boats, Merdivenli Bay is one of the stops where daily boat tours take a swimming break. Apart from hiking and swimming on the hill, you can explore the caves in the bay and have a little adventure. You can spend the night by pitching a tent in the bay where there are only goats and various insects, but remember that you can only reach the bay from the sea.

Tekne Tatili - Turkey Yacht Charter - Binlik Bay - Gocek Bays - Turkey Holiday Destinations - Turkish Riviera

Located on Cape Kuyrucak, Binlik Bay resembles a paradise hidden among pine and olive trees. The bay, which is one of the rare places where the shadow of the pine trees goes down to the sea, offers unique views with its magnificent nature and gives an experience of swimming with fish in the sea like an aquarium. You should take your goggles with you to watch the fish more closely. In addition to swimming, angling can be done in the bay where the variety of fish is abundant.

There is no land access to the bay, which can only be reached by boats. It is also a sheltered bay for boats.

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Located in the southeast of Cape Kuyrucak, the most beautiful feature that distinguishes Seagull Bay from other bays is the seagull figure made of stones and located on the shore, this is the reason why it is called Seagull Bay. This figure depicts a seagull drinking from the sea when viewed from a bird's eye view.

Its other name is Yavansu Bay, and this name is because the water that derives its source from the mountain in the bay is of a quality that only animals can drink.

Access to the bay, which cannot be reached by land, is provided by daily boat tours departing from Gocek or by private boats. It is one of the bays worth seeing with its olive and pine trees, unique nature and fascinating view.

Tekne Tatili - Turkey Yacht Charter - Martı Bay - Seagull Bay - Gocek Bays - Turkey Holiday Destinations - Turkish Riviera

Seagull Bay, where you can be in touch with nature, enjoy the sea, sand and sun, and relax just by hearing the birdsong, is ideal for those who seek calmness with its peaceful atmosphere. Although it has a narrow area, the bay, which is not preferred much because it is difficult to reach by land, is always away from congestion. Some days you can enjoy the sea alone. It fascinates those who see it with its shallow, unwavering and clear sea like an aquarium.

There is a pleasant walking path through the pine forest and then a path that you must climb to reach the ancient Arymaxa. At Arymaxa there are a Roman mausoleum inscribed in Greek, a Hellenistic tomb inscribed in Greek, a sarcophagus and a Byzantine cistern.

Tekne Tatili - Turkey Yacht Charter - Cleopatra Bath Bay - Gocek Bays - Turkey Holiday Destinations - Turkish Riviera

Cleopatra Bath Bay, where the ruins of baths built during the Ancient Lycian Period are located, is one of the most well-known places among Gocek bays. In addition to the ruins of a bath, there are also the remains of a Byzantine Monastery in the bay.

According to a rumor, it is said that the bath was built as a "sea bath" by the king of the city above, it has nothing to do with Cleopatra. It was named as Cleopatra Bath Bay just because of its beauty.

According to a rumor, Marc Anthony had a Roman Bath built for Cleopatra at this very spot, as a wedding gift, and even had the golden sands shipped here from Egypt. This place was chosen because it has a hot spring fed by the thermal waters of a crater lake located behind one of the mountains to the north of the bay.

Legends have it that the queen visited it just after she married Marc Anthony for her honeymoon. It is said that the hot water spring coming out of the ruins of the bath is the source of Cleopatra's beauty and this water is good for skin diseases.

Tekne Tatili - Turkey Yacht Charter - Cleopatra Bath Bay - Gocek Bays - Turkey Holiday Destinations - Turkish Riviera

Pine and olive trees, which make up the unique nature of Gocek bays, can also be found in Cleopatra Bath Bay. The shores of the bay, which can only be reached by boats, are quite deep. You can snorkel in this bay, which has a clear sea, and you can see colorful fish and other living species under the water.

The brown tones of history, the green and blue of nature are so beautifully synthesized in Cleopatra Bath Bay that you will not want to leave here. After a nice swimming break in the sea, you can reach the ancient city of Lydae by going ashore and taking a short nature walk on the paths between olive and pine trees.

Tekne Tatili - Turkey Yacht Charter - Cleopatra Bath Bay - Gocek Bays - Turkey Holiday Destinations - Turkish Riviera

It is a place we cannot pass without mentioning while introducing the Gocek bays. In fact, Adaia Gocek is more than just a place. Adaia Gocek, which can only be reached by boats in Gocek Bay, which is one of the regions most preferred by domestic and foreign boats on blue cruises in the Mediterranean, is the meeting point of those who love sea life on land.

Adaia Gocek, was started to operate in Gocek Cleopatra Bath Bay about 5 years ago by Proffessor Dr. Mete Düren and Psychiatrist Dr. Rahşan Düren.

Adai Gocek has a large residential area, rich nature, library consisting of many books, sports fields, beach, playgrounds for children, and various musical instruments.

Adai Gocek, feels like a corner of paradise for sailors.

Tekne Tatili - Turkey Yacht Charter - Adai Gocek - Gocek Bays - Turkey Holiday Destinations - Turkish Riviera

However, the restaurant of Adaia Gocek, which can be reached by boat, offers its guests a selection of tastes from Turkish cuisine. In addition to meat, fish, chicken or vegan foods, it is appreciated with pastries such as pide, lahmacun or pizza, thanks to its stone oven.

Adaia Gocek also includes flavors such as lamb, goat and kid roast, tandoori kebab, unique to the Yoruks, who are Anatolian Turks who have chosen a nomadic lifestyle.

On the other hand, the breakfast menu at Adaia Gocek is designed according to the tastes of local and foreign guests.

In addition to the traditional Turkish breakfast enriched with organic local products accompanied by fresh bagels, a menu suitable for the European breakfast culture, including plain or chocolate croissants, is also offered to the guests.

Adaia Gocek, which hosts historical and natural beauties, serves sea lovers all year round.

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