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Greece Marinas


D-Marin Gouvia , Corfu

 N 39°38.927' - E 19°51.136'

Located on the spectacular island of Corfu, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this luxury marina links the Adriatic and the Mediterranean.
Leros Marina, Leros Island

 N 37°07.711' - E 26°51.404'

Leros Marina, located at the safest part of Lakki bay, which is completely protected from all the winds, including the ferocious S.E. Sirocco (or “Evros” in Greek), offers the opportunity for memorable moments, in a well known cruising & sailing area,
D-Marin Lefkas, Lefkada Island

 N 38°49.850' - E 20°42.744'

A short walk away from Lefkas island’s historic centre, this first-class marina is a great base for exploring the coast of western Greece and its dreamy Ionian Islands.
Flisvos Marina, Athens

 N 37°55.930' - E 23°40.869'

Flisvos Marina operates in accordance with the highest international standards, equipped to facilitate the needs required of luxury mega-yachts..

Agios Nikolaos , Crete

 N 35°11.173' - E 25°43.080'


Agios Nikolaos means Saint Nicholas, the patron saint of sailors in all Greece. Agios, as it is referred to by all locals, retains a traditional, quaint and tranquil fishing town lifestyle which hasn’t lost its magic within its busy tourist infrastructure.

Rhodes Marina, Rhodes

 N 36°26.031' - E 28°14.344'

The Rhodes Marina is an elegant community near the medieval town of Rhodes, and one of the most attractive locations on the island all the year round. The modern facilities for the yachts, along with the recreational and promenade areas, offer getaway moments for the Rhodians and the visitors of the island.
Kos Island Marina, Kos Island

 N 36°53.531' - E 27°18.100'

Let your dreams set sail
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